Crystal Care introduces to the new concept in caring for your Chandelier and lightings, working in RETAIL and COMMERCIAL and HOSPITALITY lighting Industry, for over Twenty years and constantly being asked for manufacturing, restoration, cleaning services for Chandeliers. We thought it was about time that Professional Services would be available to Chandeliers oweners. This is where CRYSTAL CARE came into existence. Crystal Care is a professional unit formed by Taheri S. Indorewala(M.B.A) based upon the belief that the client is entitled to recieve a high class service beginning with the initial enquiry to completion of contract with full after service as required, all provided by highly experienced personnel. We have full capabilities to provide repairs that need to be done at your place or in our facility.¬†We take great pride in leaving a “SPARKLING RESULT EACH AND EVERY TIME”. Crystal Care is always operation at or about industry standards with assurance.

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